Legal Disclaimer -- The Electric Jalapenos are a 3 vs 3 arena team in the World of Warcraft. Any similarity to good arena teams, living or dead, is unintended and purely coincidental. The Electric Jalapenos play for entertainment value only and just want to have fun. We're in it for the gear!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Matches for 10-07-08 (7-3)

SIZZLE... that's our motto (so says The Uzo). Wins or Losses, as Blizzard continues to label them, are of no consequence since they pander to the rest of the teams to make them feel better about themselves. We are clearly the most dominant team in the battlegroup or the world. We've offered to take on the best 5 vs 5 teams... naked... and they've said "no". We stand as three. We are the Electric Jalapenos... SIZZLE.

Skillz Over Gear – Won
Skillz Over Gear – Won
Skillz Over Gear – Lost
Skillz Over Gear – Lost
Skillz Over Gear – Lost
Highgaurds – Won
What About Bob – Won
What About Bob – Won
ItzReflechaunt – Won
ItzReflechaunt - Won

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Matches for 09-30-08 (3-7)

When we started our matches last night, we had no idea we would faceDragon Commanders 6 times. We couldn't believe how many times we played them. Even after the matches we waited a little bit before hitting the queue again but still managed to face them. Zanse cheated though because he used some kind of 'bubble' just before he died, and he could still attack while bubbled. PALLYHAX!! At least we were able to take down Dragon Commanders once. The great thing was that after the matches Fringe came on! w00t! Cool show. The pilot episode was complete crap, but the show has quickly become much better. It is a bit like it has my attention right off the bat.

Until next time, you better go LRN2PVP 'cause we're gonna git you... :P

Dragon Commanders – Lost
Dragon Commanders - Lost
Dragon Commanders - Lost
Dragon Commanders - Won
Dragon Commanders - Lost
Dragon Commanders – Lost
Fear Factory – Won
Cannonball Kaos – Won
Fat Kids Lag IRL – Lost
McLovins Love Shack - Lost

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Matches for 09-23-08 (5-5)

We started off great this week but then we got distracted because Megan Fox was on television. o.0. All in all we didn't do good, but we didn't do bad. 500 for the week. We'll take it. At least this is an improvement over last week.

Until next time... keep it smart, keep it simple and keep it semi-homemade.

kareem abdul jabar - Won
kareem abdul jabar - Won
kareem abdul jabar - Won
Tom Cruise Witchcraft – Won
Youdontunderstand – Lost
Electro Track Avengers – Won
DP on xuo – Lost
bzero is newb – Lost
The Poondock Saintz – Lost
The Poondock Saintz - Lost

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Matches for 09-18-09 (4-6)

Another week, another 4 and 6 result. Boo.

LOL Druid Rouge Shaman – Won
Ninja Turtles – Won
Ninja Turtles – Lost
Scarekills – Lost
Disqualified – Won
Stylishfluffyyshow – Lost
Stylishfluffyyshow - Lost
WTB Opponets – Lost
New n imp baby eaters – Won
WTB Opponets – Lost

Matches for 09-09-08 (4-9)

We went 4 and 9 for this week. Boo.

Trailer park bois – Lost
The Priest Wont Survive – Lost
Tee Hee – Won
Three Tenors – Lost
Three Tenors – Lost
Arena Crusaders – Lost
Caro fawted – Lost
Tee Hee – Lost
Tee Hee – Lost
Arena Crusaders – Won
Bad Mojo Mafia – Lost
Not Losing Shyte – Won
Hustlers - Won

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Matches for 09-02-08 (7-3)

This week we poured the sauce on the teams we faced. They simply couldn't handle the tough and buff Electric Jalapenos. Underlok sported a new hair cut and had chicks all over him. He knew he needed to be cautious so be made sure he had a little extra protection (resilience) this week. I think the new 'do gave him a confidence booster as well. The chicks couldn't resist him. Nor could the teams that we faced. They were in a daze staring at him. Uzo and I took advantage of this by PWNING the living crap out of them. That's right people....Eat it.

See ya next time...

Sunset Riders – Won
Sunset Riders – Lost
Sunset Riders – Won
Army of Three - Won
Army of Three – Won
kronic dreams – Lost
Dark Horse – Lost
Dark Horse - Won
Its worth a try – Won
Evade Bug - Won

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Matches for 08-26-08 (5-5)

This week we totally kicked everyone's ass. With a record of 5-5 for this week's matches, that moves us up one notch in the awesomeness win column (considering the past few weeks). Uzo and I decided to 'relearn' some talents and explore some new abilities. These new abilities enabled us to grab that extra, awesome win. I might add that Uzo finally got his new helm. One would argue that THAT was the real reason we won. His new helm looks like the gate/wall/fence from King Kong....only it's around his face to protect him...not from King Kong...but from big horde moo cows. Cattle can be just as aggressive as King Kong you know. Regardless, it helped him kick ass last night for sure.

UnderLok was seen getting some new free gear from Blizz which also helped to grab the extra win this week. He has a nice blend of DPS and Healz gear so be can kick ass pretty good. He may look like a college professor with that 'Rogaine' (that would be a funny character name actually) haircut of his, but he really knows how to throw the mace at people when need be. I think UnderLok might have taken on a whole 3-manned team last night at some point. HE IS THE BEST. Detention for all!

What about me last night? Well, Prickle (my new scorpion pet) was being a little bitch last night and wanted to be fed like every 30 seconds. I had to feed him because if I didn't, he would have stung my ass with scorpid poison rank 47. That would have sucked because my pale colored skin would have turned green, and I would have been mistaken for a Troll and my teammates would have killed me because they thought I was horde. Prickle is also a slow ass on his feet. In fact, I think he thinks he is a turtle. He thinks he is cool because he has a lot of armor so he just takes his time getting from point A to point B.

See you in the Arena...

We Want Cookies – Lost
ThE LeGeNd – Won
your haircut is loud – Lost
ThE LeGeNd – Lost
McCain for Prez – Lost
r kelly pvpd on us – Won
Wat a Weird Combo – Won
Wat a Weird Combo – Won
MT Dew Slurpee - Lost